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The strongest, fittest athlete can fail if that strength and fitness can not be transmitted into kinetic energy.

Biomechanical analysis is the bedrock upon which many athletic sub-disciplines are built.  Without biomechanical analysis there can be no deliberate gains in mechanical efficiency.  Without peak mechanical efficiency only a percentage of the potential created by strength and fitness improvements is translated into speed.

Whether it's improved swim stroke or hydrodynamic efficiency, pedalling mechanics, aerodynamics or bicycle setup or running gait optimization, the benefits of increased efficiency multiply performance rather than providing incremental changes.  Optimized biomechanics also reduce the magnitude of the forces transmitted through the musculoskeletal system resulting in fewer injuries and decreased risk of over-training for a set training load.  In short, pushing as little as you have to with each movement is a very good thing.  Biomechanical analysis determines where these improvements can be made so that a coach or trainer may prescribe exercises which will lead to increased function.

At Trionic, we understand that the most effective way to increase speed is to optimize the bio-machinery first and then concentrate on the size and power of the engine to ensure as much of the available power is transmitted into locomotion rather than being wasted on inefficient, superfluous movements.

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