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Coach Jase Robinson is the founder of Trionic Human Performance Inc. After 25 years of science, travel, engineering, business and adrenaline sports, Jase finally found the single activity which blends all of those passions together into a love for one super-complex discipline in the form of Ironman Triathlon.  Originating from Darlington, England, a mechanical engineer by profession, Jase came to the United States to learn to BASE jump. With a sports background in soccer, track and field, martial arts and equestrian eventing and an affinity for the risky, dangerous and extreme, Jase had given up long ago any idea of endurance sports. This certainty was mostly due to his experience with running injuries which included 3 tibial stress fractures and a handful of cases of lower leg tendonitis as well as a fibula, badly broken in a skydiving landing that wasn't supposed to involve a gopher hole.  After a brief, unintended period of "bulking up", Jase took to triathlon in an attempt to get back into shape with the initial goal of completing an Ironman.  His experiences and attempts to solve triathlon related problems using his engineering expertise coupled with an innate love for learning new skills has resulted in a broad professional skill set and knowledge base of the kind which rarely exists in one organization let alone in one individual.

By his own admission, an athlete of singularly unimpressive ability, he has found ways to continue his own athletic performance improvements. By leveraging knowledge, science and a lot less discipline than he admits to finding in most of the athletes he coaches, he completes several Ironman 140.6 and 70.3 races per year including, recently, the 2011 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas. Jase maintains that sound methodologies executed well on an athlete of average ability usually result in better performances than those of a talented athlete with insufficient knowledge and direction, particularly when something goes wrong. Jase is currently using this premise to fuel an attempt to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii which is his current athletic objective

Jase's rapidly expanding resume includes:

  • Certified USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine and with A.C.E.
  • CrossFit L-1 Trainer, Head Coach at CrossFit Seymour
  • CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Mobility and CrossFit Powerlifting certs
  • Triathlon Bicycle fitter with the Fit Institute of Slow Twitch (F.I.S.T.)
  • Trained to Advanced Level by Serotta International Cycling Institute (S.I.C.I.)
  • CPR / AED / First Aid certified by American Heart Association and American Red Cross
  • B Eng Mech Eng
  • MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

Trionic's analysis studio is located at: 1509 25th Street, Columbus, Indiana, 47201 USA



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