Biomechanical Analysis
Coaching & Training

CrossFit Seymour is up and running.  The town needed it.  We made it happen.

But hey, Trionic's home is Columbus, IN.  So, what's happening at home? 

The Endurance WODs (Workout Of the Day) have increased from the Sunday afternoon staple to include sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Northside Middle School track.  As we gain more daylight the sessions will push back from their current 4:45pm start time.

We added several dealerships to our retail division.  Trionic only retails equipment which is tried and tested in training and competition by Trionic Athletes.  No product enters our line without personal recommendation formed by extended use in both training and competition.  Big additions in 2012 included: Inov-8 shoes, Recovery Pump, RockTape, Tri-Slide and Trigger Point Therapy.

As always, Trionic has complete coaching programs aimed at success in major 2013 races.  Integrated coaching using biomechanical analysis, biometric testing, field testing and data analysis to augment a race specific Annual Training Plan will allow Trionic Athletes to optimize their human machinery and achieve PR performance like so many did in 2012.  Individual sessions of underwater swim stroke video analysis, track or treadmill based running gait analysis, and the most sophisticated bike fitting service in the Mid-West using the Serotta Size Cycle II and Dartfish Motion Capture software is available to dial you in for the upcoming season.

So what's the big news in 2013?  Retaliation.  Fighting back against mediocre performance.  There's a new gym coming.  It has an all new staff of Southern Indiana's best trainers.  Endurance sports, powerlifting, weightlifting, movement and mobility, kids workouts and, of course, general physical preparedness attained by moving large loads, long distances, quickly.  That's right!  Constantly varied, high intensity functional movement.  Get ready to become the person you always wanted to be. 

Feel free to email us at any time with questions or comments.